Design and delivery of IAB assessments benefit from latest advances in measurement research and technology, including an electronic assessment platform, online assessment and eventually, on-screen marking of paper tools.
At specific points of instruction, participating teachers are asked to access the IAB e-platform, retrieve specific formative or summative assessments, and administer them to their students in their own classrooms. Administration may be online or off-line, and, in the latter case, electronic or on-paper. Administration of these assessments is constantly monitored by concerned IAB officers. Results are continuously analyzed at ERC to track the evolution of individual students'profiles, and to ascertain items and assessments and refine them if necessary.

Repository Tutorial (English)

Repository Tutorial (Arabic)

Production Tutorial (English)

Production Tutorial (Arabic)


IAB enriches the curriculum with the integration of new resources based on experimentation and open-mindedness, as well as individual and team creativity, all of which fall under the 21st century skills umbrella. IAB promotes meaningful learning rather than rote learning of course materials and benefits from the latest developments in education and technology, whilst respecting the local cultural heritage and aspirations of students from diverse backgrounds to empower them for excellence in modern life, meet the highest educational standards, and fulfill the most rigorous university admission requirements anywhere in the world.

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What is International Arab Baccalaureate (IAB)?

IAB is a comprehensive educational initiative designed to meet the needs of students. It is developed by local and international experts to enhance students’ overall academic performance and equip them to succeed in the future by integrating the 21st century skills into the academic program. It was launched in 2010 after many years of planning and preparation. Its first phase included workshops to introduce the theoretical part and to train teachers to design high order thinking skills items. In 2014, the in-class implementation started (Phase 2). This phase included workshops to train the teachers on IAB deliverables prepared by the IAB team of experts. It currently covers grades 10 to 12 (and eventually K-12). After graduation in Grade 12, the students receive the IAB diploma. In 2017, the IAB Diploma received the equivalence to the British GCE A Level by UK ENIC, the National Agency for the Recognition and Comparison of International Qualifications and Skills.