International Arab Baccalaureate (IAB)

The International Arab Baccalaureate (IAB) is a high-standard three-year educational programme designed by the Educational Research Center (ERC) in cooperation with local and international educators. It is owned by Academic Assessment Ltd., a company based in London, UK. The implementation of the IAB in schools is based on the framework of Profile Shaping Education (PSE). The PSE focuses on empowering students for meaningful learning. The IAB also focuses on leading students to success in the 21st century.

Exploring IAB's Journey: From Inception to Accreditation

IAB was launched in 2010 after many years of planning and preparation. Its first phase included workshops to introduce the theoretical part and to train teachers to design high-order thinking skills items. In 2014, the in-class implementation of Phase 2 began. This phase involved workshops to train teachers on IAB deliverables prepared by the IAB team of experts. It currently covers grades 10 to 12 (and eventually K-12). After graduation in Grade 12, the students receive the IAB diploma. In 2017, the IAB diploma received the equivalence to the British GCE A Level by UK ENIC, the National Agency for the Recognition and Comparison of International Qualifications and Skills. Moreover, a benchmarking conducted by UK ENIC acknowledged that IAB meets the general academic requirements for direct entry to four-year institutions in the US and is comparable to the Alberta diploma.

Academic Assessment Ltd.

A London-based company in the UK, Academic Assessment Ltd. provides all the necessary resources for implementing the IAB in accredited schools, along with providing continuous research-based development to this unique initiative.

IAB Mission

The mission of the IAB (International Arab Baccalaureate) is to enhance students’ overall academic performance and equip them to succeed in the future by integrating 21st-century skills into the academic programme. The IAB respects the individual needs of students, promotes a caring and creative environment, and addresses the social, emotional and intellectual development of each student.

IAB Vision

The vision of the IAB is to apply its academic programme at all educational levels to help guide students throughout their academic journey. The IAB enables students to flourish as responsible, productive and engaged citizens within a global community.